Meet our members who are helping to drive the society. Are you interested in working with us? Our members work to create a society that informs our subscribers and that contributes to the Australian Battery Sector. We put in our time to help grow our networks and bring people together.

Mark Wexler

Mark’s passion is to build a reliable, efficient, and sustainable electricity ‘network of the future’, and enjoys solving complex engineering problems within the changing energy landscape. He comes from a farming background, and studied engineering at Monash, and...

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Clelia Nelson

Clelia is a research scientist with a PhD in the field of Electrochemistry (University of Southampton, UK), currently working on zinc-bromine flow batteries at Redflow (Brisbane), with a special focus on electrode materials, battery separators and electrolyte...

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Dawei Su

A/Prof. Dawei Su from the University Technology Sydney, leads the research program centred on unveiling the material’s correlation with its electrochemical or photochemical properties from the atomic and electronic levels via the combination of experimental (in-situ...

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Marzi Barghamadi

Dr Marzi Barghamadi is a Research Scientist at CSIRO Manufacturing leading Battery Materials and Design Team. The Team includes scientists, postdoctoral fellows, and students working on different aspects of lithium ion/ metal batteries to support Australian and...

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