How do I apply?

If you meet the eligibility requirements to apply for the Anton Paar Battery Innovation Award, we encourage you to apply.

Before you apply, we recommend that you read through the information found on the following links to ensure that:

• you are an eligible
• you understand the selection process
• you are familiar with the application guidelines as all applications must be made online.

If applying online presents difficulties, please contact Australian Battery Society to discuss your situation as support or reasonable adjustment can be provided. Using a different method to apply can only be considered in exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Directors of the ABS.

How does the selection process work?

For your application to be successful, it is imperative that it meets the selection criteria. Every application for the Anton Paar Battery Innovation Award will be assessed on its merits. In this assessment the ABS considers various components including:

Proposed Conference(s)

Which may include:

  • A single or multiple conferences
  • Conference(s) in Australia or overseas
  • Potential visits to Anton Paar facilities in the USA or Europe
  • Potential visits to other laboratories or institutions before/after the conference(s)


Which may include:

  • Ability to maximise the opportunity of the Award (current standing and experience in the field, skills and/or expertise)
  • Ability and commitment to widely disseminate learnings from the conference.

Applications are closed for the 2023 Award. Please visit in late 2024 for the 2024 Award.