ABS Participation Conditions

Participation Terms and Conditions of the Australian Battery Society Ltd (ABS) (ACN 640 559 931)

By applying to the ABS to participate as a Subscriber, Contributor or Member you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below.

Participation in the ABS

Participation eligibility

Participation in the ABS is available at three levels: Subscribers, Contributors and Members.  Participation in the ABS as a Subscriber or a Contributor is subject to these terms and conditions, the ABS Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.  The participation of ABS Members is governed by these terms, the ABS constitution and is subject to the ABS Website Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Copies of the ABS Constitution are available on request by email to admin@australianbatterysociety.org.

Participation Types

Participation at subscriber level is open to anyone with a demonstrated interest in battery energy storage and members of organizations active in battery research, technology, government and industry across the full battery value chain.

  • All parties interested in becoming subscribers of the ABSmust submit an application for participation at subscriber level via the online portal on the website, australianbatterysociety.org/subscribe.
  • Subscriber eligibility is subject to determination by the ABS and its board, at its sole discretion.
  • The ABS may require a subscriber to provide further information before making a determination on acceptance of participation.

Participation at Contributor level is open to individuals who are active in, and continue to be active in, battery research, government, technology or industry or in related enabling fields across the full value chain.

  • Contributors must be subscribers of the ABS
  • Contributors’ eligibility is subject to the determination of the ABS and its board, at its sole discretion.
  • Contributors will be invited by the ABS to contribute to the website and/or to deliver presentations at ABS meetings and conferences at the sole discretion of the ABS and its board.

Participation as a Member of the ABS

Members of the ABS will be nominated from the ABS Contributors based on their level of involvement and contribution to the ABS and will be selected in accordance with the ABS Constitution.  ABS Members will be given specific tasks to fulfil within the ABS.

Participation Benefits

Subscriber Benefits

Subscribers to the ABS may receive access to exclusive website content including:

  • Access to our newsletter with news on developments in battery energy storage in Australia and internationally;
  • Access to regular ABS events;
  • Information on battery energy storage events, job vacancies and scholarships as they are made available to ABS; and
  • Information on battery science, technology and industry developments.

Contributor Benefits

Contributors to the ABS website, in addition to the benefits of subscribers listed above, will be encouraged to contribute to one or more of the following:

  • Providing information on exciting Australian battery developments;
  • Sharing relevant press releases and news that can be shared publicly on the website;
  • Sharing stories/case studies;  
  • Delivering presentations at ABS meetings at the request of the ABS;

Distribution of the supplied content will be at the discretion of the ABS and will include recognition of the company name or organization of the provider (as applicable).

Certain content, for example job advertisements, may attract nominal fees which will be payable by the contributor and will be notified by the ABS administrator by email.

All contributions will be subject to the user generated content and content standards as set out in the ABS website terms of use.

Member Benefits

Members of the ABS will be involved in the governance of the ABS with responsibility for specific tasks within the ABS as outlined in the ABS Constitution.

Participant fees

For an introductory period, participation in the ABS is free of charge to all subscribers, contributors and members. The ABS reserves the right to charge Participant fees in the future, and will endeavour to provide reasonable notice of any introduction to Participant fees.

Participant details

Participant details will be recorded on an internal ABS Participant register and the participant consents to such being recorded on the ABS Participant Register. This includes:

  • Information provided by Participants in the application
  • the date upon which the Participants became Participants
  • the participation level applicable to that Participant
  • the date upon which any Participant ceased to be a Participant.

Participation Termination

Participation ceases if the participant:

  • resigns as a participant by giving notice in writing;
  • ABS determines that the participant ceases to satisfy the relevant participation level;
  • Engages in any conduct which, in the reasonable opinion of the ABS, is unbecoming, brings the ABS into disrepute or is adverse to the interests of the ABS as determined by the ABS in its sole discretion.

Upon termination of participation, participant details will be removed from the ABS Participant register.

Participation Term

All participation terms are for a 12 month period and are automatically renewed annually on the anniversary date of acceptance of the Participants application to become a participant for an additional 12 month period unless termination is advised.


ABS data and information is managed by ABS and by applying to become a participant you acknowledge having read and agreed to the ABS Privacy Policy and consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your data in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

Intellectual Property

Please refer to the ABS Website Terms of Use for intellectual property conditions relating to the use of australianbatterysociety.org.

Nothing in these member terms has the effect of transferring, licensing or otherwise permitting participants to use the intellectual property of the ABS without first obtaining the prior written consent of the ABS.

Any contributions made by participants who are also contributors, will be considered as non-confidential and continue to be owned by the participants. However by contributing to the ABS in any form you are agreeing to grant to the ABS, its affiliates and licensees the right to use, reproduce, modify, perform, display, distribute or otherwise disclose any such contributions, materials, or other information shared with the ABS.  


To the extent permitted by law, the ABS will have no liability to you whatsoever for damages of any kind under any legal theory, arising from your participation in the ABS, any actions by the ABS in relation to your participation, including to deny or termination participation, reliance on information provided by the ABS, or for any conduct of other participants in the ABS.

Participant Conduct

Participants in the ABS are required to act honestly, fairly and reasonably in all matters which are connected with the ABS, this includes but is not limited to:

  • Complying with any applicable acceptable use, rules of participation or policies in place for participants;
  • Not engaging in behaviour which could be interpreted by other participants as bullying, harassing, or intimidating;
  • Not engaging in conduct which could damage the reputation of the ABS or otherwise bring the reputation of the ABS into disrepute (as is determined by the ABS in its sole discretion)
  • Not making any statements or representations on behalf of the ABS without the prior written consent of the ABS to make those statements or representations.