Two PhD scholarships in battery materials are available at the Australian National University

Scholarship Overview:

ANU Battery Storage and Grid Integration Program and Research School of Chemistry of The Australian National University are looking for two talented and motivated PhD students interested in the areas of materials (electrodes and electrolytes) for existing and new battery chemistries, including lithium-ion (Li-ion), sodium-ion (Na-ion), potassium-ion (K-ion) and dual-ion batteries.

The currently dominant Li-ion batteries as well as their sustainable alternatives based on Na, K and dual-ion chemistries are enabled by their electrode and electrolyte materials, which define all the performance characteristics of these batteries. The ANU research group works on the discovery and development of electrode materials and electrolytes that will lead to the improvement of all these battery systems. Cutting-edge materials synthesis, materials characterisation methods and the evaluation in the electrochemical cells, including in-situ methods, are all parts of the battery research undertaken in the group.

The research projects will take place in a brand-new, state-of-the-art Battery Laboratory recently launched by the ANU:


For the flavour of research projects undertaken by the group, please consult the following pages:

Who should apply?

Applicants with background in chemistry, engineering of physics are encouraged to apply. The minimum requirement is an Honours or Master degree with a sufficient research component and the level of university grades consistent with ANU requirements for postgraduate scholarships and fee waivers.

How to apply

People interested in undertaking PhD studies at the ANU should submit their CVs to Associate Professor Alexey Glushenkov ( ).