About Us

Founded in 2018 , the Australian Battery Society aims to bring together scientists, engineers, industry, government and the community to push forward our adoption of battery technologies, increase our understanding of batteries and battery systems, and to engage in the current and next generation of devices and applications.


The Australian Battery Society’s vision is to build a strong, vibrant battery community, interconnected across the full battery value chain, and encompassing industry, academia, policy makers and members of the public, to support a globally competitive battery industry sector.


The Australian Battery Society is a networking, information and training hub for all engaged in the battery industry in Australia, whose mission is to promote collaboration and best practice, support research and development and to guide policy-making decisions to derive optimal national benefit from the battery sector.


The Australian Battery Society goal is to be a focal point for our members interested or engaged in the battery field, by facilitating:


  • networking and collaboration;
  • sharing of information through seminars and publications;
  • showcasing members’ activities, innovations and developments;
  • forums for discussion of best practice;
  • international conference travel and skills training (including TAFE training);
  • the sharing of news and events relevant to the community;
  • promotion of mutual trust and confidence between the ABS and members;
  • seeking and receiving donations and legacies to apply to these goals;
  • the collation of input and feedback from members for government policy-makers to ensure that the interests of the battery industry are represented at all levels in the decision-making process.

Our Directors

A/Prof Neeraj Sharma
A/Prof Neeraj Sharma


Ph: 0419439130
Email:               neeraj.sharma@unsw.edu.au

Dr. Adam Best
Dr. Adam Best


Ph: 0400287876
Email: directors@australianbatterysociety.org

Dr. Rosalind Gummow
Dr. Rosalind Gummow


Ph: 0449918100