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The Australian Battery Society is bringing scientists, engineers, industry, government and the community together to advance battery technologies.



Anton Paar Award

If you meet the eligibility requirements to apply for the Anton Paar Battery Innovation Award, we encourage you to apply. Use the link below to see the requirements and apply.

About the ABS

The Australian Battery Society (ABS) was founded in 2018. The ABS aims to bring together battery scientists, engineers, industry, government and the community so that we can push forward our adoption of battery technologies. Secondly, we want to increase our understanding of batteries and battery systems, across all battery chemistries. This will enable us to engage in the current and next generation of devices and applications.

The ABS’s vision is to build a strong, vibrant battery community, interconnected across the full battery value chain, and encompassing industry, academia, policy makers and members of the public, to support a globally competitive battery industry sector.


Innovation Platform Article

Innovation Platform Article

Neeraj Sharma, Director of the Australian Battery Society, alongside society member Clelia Nelson, discusses the issues surrounding supply chains, manufacturing, and recycling approaches in Australia for various different battery chemistries. View the article here....

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